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We are producing a Christmas comedy with the true message that Jesus came to save us.
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  • The Christmas Breaks

    Project Duration: July 7 2013 - December 12 2018


    Firstly, this Christmas film is a comedy. We're sure Christians are ready for a fun-loving theatrical movie with an uplifting message that inspires the Christmas spirit. In order to make it to the theaters in 2018, we must complete our funding by December 31st. We are half-way home in terms of budget, and believe that 300 more supporters could help us reach our goal. Will you be one?
    If you believe in the power and influence film has to redirect lives, then read further and consider making us one of your not-for-profit donations for 2017.

    We're inviting you to be part of this adventure to bring the true meaning of Christmas to the theaters. We challenge you to try to think of any Christmas movie that uses the name of Jesus. There are none. Charlie Brown's Christmas TV special does read the Luke 2 biblical accounting of Jesus' birth (Praise God), but His name is never said. Restored family, friends, and love relationships, to the complete neglect of the truth that Jesus came and lives, has become the universal Hollywood message. Imagine the power and influence such a film as The Christmas Breaks could have upon those who are looking for fun, family entertainment for the holidays. We believe this film will be inspiring to non-church goers, as well as to those who support Christian film. Pew Research found that, to no surprise, 96% of Christians celebrate Christmas; but interestingly 81% of non-Christians do too. These findings demonstrate that the Christmas platform might solicit non-church goers to the film even though the name of Jesus is lifted up, all because humor is a universal attractor. 

    Won't you be a part of this important movement with us? 

    We are ready to go! Most definitely our most important association is with executive producer Ralph Winter, (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Planet of the Apes, and Star Trek are among a few of his accomplishments) as well as Jeff Holder, retired Network Studio executive for Sony, ABC, Turner and Hanna Barbera / Cartoon Network, who is the chief architect of our script. The choices of  a Hollywood director and talent, which will effectively translate the script into a Hollywood-style film, is paramount to creating a meaningful film that can reach beyond the Church audience. As soon as we sign our "pay or play" contracts with these key individuals, we'll release their names. We want to thank the hundreds of supporters who took our online survey to weigh in on possible candidates for cameo appearances. We have begun the process of speaking with your top choices.

    Comedy Synopsis: Ben Maxwell, aka “The Closer,” believes he can get anyone to sign on the dotted line (the contract). His unique talent is to “be the client," creating phony personas and using shameless tactics to mimic his client. When Ben learns that his long sought after Sr. V.P. position is open at his company, he takes on a new assignment with his usual tactic of "becoming the client;" but this time, his client is a Christian businessman of which he understands very little. He has two weeks to convince his family of his newly found Christianity before the client arrives at his house for Christmas Eve dinner - and possibly land his greatest promotion. When all of his best laid plans hysterically unravel, Ben learns the true meaning of Christmas, as well as the supernatural power of God to intervene in life.

    100% of all donations go toward the costs of producing "The Christmas Breaks" film. We love all sizes of donations, even $1, because your gift registers you as a supporter of our 501(c)3 ministry. We are thanking you in advance because we know if you are on this page, you already have a heart for the value of independent faith-based films. Every donation is a blessing!


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