Ambassadors are key partners, who each year faithfully support the ongoing activities of TRF with either a monthly gift or single donation of $50 or more. Any donation is important. If everyone who visited this page gave $1, it would have a huge impact on what we could do. So please, consider a donation today. AMBASSADORS RECEIVE....

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There are two types of Volunteers: laymen and expert. Both types are needed to help us stay within budget, as well as to assist us in competing with Hollywood films. Laymen's opportunities range from assistance in foodservice to a wide-range of production opportunities. Each volunteer will be recognized for their contribution in the film credits. Upon request, we will forward a list of opportunities available. Expert Volunteers are defined as professionals working in a particular industry who volunteer their expertise. These Expert Volunteers do not represent the sum total of professional assistance on a film, but are important additions to assist us in producing a competitive budget film.
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We are always looking for talented actors and actresses. If you have an agent, please have them contact us directly. If not, please click the link below and provide the requested information. We will need you to attach a resume with a headshot, list of any professional memberships, and a vimeo or youtube link that we can view. You will receive confirmation that we have received your information, as well as audition dates for current projects if you are chosen for a personal audition. We retain all information for one year from date of submission.



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We request everyone, whether a donor or not, to keep this organization and its purposes in prayer. Those who oppose Christianity and the Christian lifestyle are aggressively moving against our rights and our reputation. Please pray that God links us together with other like-minded people who want to serve God and his purposes. We are in a battle, not only for lives, but also for our position and credibility in the world. We must never forget that our salvation was not free. There is a price to moving, protecting and living for the Gospel. Please pray that God uplifts our projects, gives us favor among the viewing public, and expands our distribution beyond our expectations. Know that we pray for every visitor to this site, believing that he/she is like-minded with our mission, and knowing that God will give all of us strength for the battle He has called us to. Become a daily prayer partner with us, and if you have not considered contributing before, please do so now.